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Dr Drake Womens Clinic is a caring abortion clinics offering abortion pills.We are a trusted organization with a womans needs at first priority. For your womens health needs, come to Dr Drake Abortion Clinic for Women. There are two methods of abortion available to women in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Medication Abortion

As the name goes, medication abortion (also called medical abortion or abortion with pills) medical abortions do not involve surgery, medical instruments or other invasive methods but rely on medications to end pregnancy.


Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion (also called aspiration or suction abortion) is a procedure that uses medical instruments to remove the pregnancy. These medical procedures must be done in a health care providerís office or abortion clinic


Choosing The Right Method

Both the surgical and medical abortions are effective and safe forms of terminating a pregnancy. However, the processes for each procedure are very different. Some women choose the medical abortion because it is relatively safe.

We are about abortion by medical.

Medication Abortion: Up to 12 weeks from the first day of your last period. Most people prefer doing medical abortions, because it is easier & quicker.

What do you get?

You will receive a package of medicine with very strict instructions on how to use the medicine. The medicine to be affective must betaken per instructions given to you.

How painful is it?

It depends from person to person. It is not one court fits all. Just focus on the goal of termination and soon other than later it will be behind you.

How much will I bleed?

Heavy bleeding with clots is common when you are passing the pregnancy. After that, lighter bleeding may continue off and on for one to two weeks or more.

How much does it Cost?

It depends on the weeks of your pregnancy and also where the medicine has to be couriered to. Please drop us an email or call and we shall give you the right figure

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Contact Number :076 892 4342 // Email : info@drdrakeclinic.co.za // Alt Email : drakewomensabortionclinic@gmail.com // Find Us at : 50 Market Street, Polokwane


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Life is hectic. your health should not be. Come today and experience what a real doctor-patient relationship can be like. The clinic also provides risk assessments for young women who are considering the use of hormone contraceptives. Dr Drake Abortion Clinic for women is a sexual and reproductive private health clinic which offers safe termination of pregnancy which is non-surgical done using the abortion pills (Medical abortion) and other related services for women. Our doctors Dr. Melissa & Dr. Bismarck work in conjunction with each womans healthcare providers to complement her specialized treatment.

Abortion PILLS ON Sale. (Safe & pain free) just Call/SMS/WhatsApp/e-mail today provide your full names and physical address ,the date and time at which you want the full package of both termination and womb cleaning medication to be delivered.

Country-Wide Delivery

Before the abortion process, when you come to our facilities for your first appointment, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your situation (if you want to). You will be informed about the different methods of abortion, and which method is suitable for your stage of pregnancy. If You cannot cone to or facility we will deliver for you anywhere is South Africa.

Call us : 076 892 4342 or email us info@drdrakeclinic.co.za

About Us

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We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that every woman who receives medical care and the best service at Dr Drake Abortion Clinic. Every Woman is treated with the utmost respect and consideration.


Dont Stress.

Dr Drake Abortion clinic is a professional abortion clinic dedicated to providing expert, confidential, and respectful abortion care at all times.

Patient Treatment.

We providethe highest quality abortion services in a safe & caring environment. Love & respect are the cornerstones of our patient-provider relationships.


At Drake Clinic.

Our goal is to treat you with compassion and competence, ensuring that the abortion is done under the safest conditions with your health as our priority.

The Future.

We make sure that this procedure does not interfere with your having children in the future should you decide to do so. Don't be a statistic.


Patient Satisfaction

Professionalism and quality remain the hallmark of Drake Abortion Clinic. Our goal is to treat you with compassion and competence at all times.

Pivate Clinic.

At Drake Abortion Clinic we are not an impersonal clinic, we are a privately owned and operated doctors office with over 10 years of experience.